Bags for Life

Bags for Life

JuteBag’s bags for life range truly live up to the name. Made from fully biodegradable materials like jute, hessian, and cotton, all of our bags for life are exceptionally environmentally friendly. JuteBag’s bags for life are also a great promotional tool for your business whether you want to increase brand awareness or demonstrate your ethical and environmental credentials.

All of our range of styles and designs are available in a wide choice of colours. We can also deliver bespoke designs in a style you design. Find out what we have to offer and get in touch by clicking on the ‘get a quote’ button above.

Promotional Bags for Life

Durable material

Our bags for life are made from thread made from the jute plant’s fibrous stem and outer skin. This thread is made into tightly woven jute material sewn together with sturdy seams giving our bags a free-standing ability even when empty. They are also strong and will last for years on end even with regular use.

Innovative Style

We stock more than 80 different styles of jute bags and can deliver bespoke designs with fast turnaround times. We also offer a range of printing techniques and embroidery to bring logos and designs to life. Our bags for life offer innovative styles to help you build your brand appeal. Choose from everything from colours to designs, styles, and a range of handles.

Our in-house design team is always happy to help you with a design or to turn your ideas into reality. Personalise your bags for life to show off your brand.

Ethical & Environmentally Friendly

Our bag bags for life are made of fully compostable materials. The sturdy jute threads will ensure you get years out of a bag. When wear and tear takes its toll it can be used in the garden to suppress weeds or even as a planter, helping it live up to its name. We are proud of our commitment to reducing waste and want businesses to be able to champion this too.

We also offer a range of Sedex and Fairtrade approved bags for life and always ensure our wholesale prices are affordable. That way, we hope to support businesses to choose our ethical and environmentally packaging without costing your business money.

Leading wholesale supplier in the UK

JuteBag has built up a reputation as an ethical and environmental brand over 10 years of trading with businesses large and small. Our bags for life are priced so they won’t pile on costs for your business making it easier to take this environmentally friendly choice. You can also benefit your brand with our carefully developed reputation.

Our bags for life are made with the highest quality materials that have been carefully sourced. To find out more about our bags for life or any of our products and services, please get in touch using the ‘Get a Quote’ button or contact the sales team:

Why Buy Our Bags for Life

Our range of bags for life isn’t only known for its versatility and functionality. There are numerous other reasons you should consider purchasing this range of bags.

They are environmentally friendly

Our range of bags for life is made from natural fibres like jute and cotton. All our raw materials are responsibly and sustainably sourced, ensuring we benefit the communities where we source the materials from. Using natural fibres for all our bags ensures they are eco=friendly and safe for the environment. The bags decompose quickly and don’t pose any danger to wildlife. Even better, the bags are reusable multiple times, helping reduce your carbon footprint. If you’ve been thinking of a way to contribute to the effort to save the planet, going for one of our bags is a great place to start.

Plenty of designs to choose from

With our vast range of design options, finding the perfect bag for life for the right application couldn’t be easier. Our bags come in various designs, sizes and materials, so you can easily find a bag you will instantly fall in love with. The bags also come in multiple colours, accessories and enclosure options to suit your style and preference.

Customised bags for life

If you can’t find the right bag in our stock collection, we can have the bag made for you from scratch using our bespoke bag service. You can also have one of our bag designs finished in a colour of your choice or branded for corporate events and marketing.