Where Is Cotton Grown?

Cotton is the most popular natural fibre in the world. It accounts for about 50% of all fibre in the industry. And besides being the main source of natural fibre, the cotton plant is also a source of cottonseed meal and edible oil. Why not also read: Facts about cotton Cotton fibre has been […]

What is Brushed Cotton?

As its name suggests, it is a cotton fabric that has been brushed to yield an incredibly soft texture similar to cashmere and other high-end fabric in the industry. Usually, will regular cotton is made; it is passed through a flame to get rid of the raised fibres and create a smooth surface. However, […]

How is Cotton Made?

Cotton cloth was first used in Mexico around 5000 BC. In today’s world, India and China are one of the leading producers of cotton. As at their cotton production account for about 32.6% of the total’s market share. The process of making cotton is not lengthy, and neither is it complicated. It includes harvesting […]

Facts About Cotton

When you go shopping for fabric, or clothing, you are advised to choose those that are made from cotton. This has been repeated so many times that it’s almost automatic for many people. But while ‘cotton’ is on the lips of many shoppers, not many know a lot about cotton. To help build your […]

What Paint to Use on Jute Bags

Jute bags are becoming quite popular. They are the perfect economy bag that you can use regularly. Jute bags are not only perfect for shopping, but you can also use them to accessorise your summer look. All you need to do is find a jute bag with the right design. If you’re someone with […]

Can You Recycle Shredded Paper?

What can you do with all that shredded paper you have lying around? If the first thought that comes to mind is tossing it in the recycle bin, you should rethink your choices. Shredded paper shouldn’t be thrown in the recycle bin. But this doesn’t mean you cannot recycle your shredded paper. With a […]

What is Jute?

Plastic bags have played a significant role in the pollution of the environment. While they are durable, they are not biodegradable which makes them almost impossible to safely dispose of. Researchers and scientists have tirelessly worked to find alternative fibres that can replace not only plastic but other synthetic fibres without as much damage […]

Jute Bag Vs Plastic Bag

Jute is fibre obtained from a native plant in South East Asia including India and Bangladesh. The plant is processed into strong fibre, which in turn is used to make eco-friendly packaging solutions. How Plastics became widely used Given jute bags are made from natural products, they tend to be a little expensive. As […]

Can You Recycle Wrapping Paper?

The one activity people look forward to during the holiday season is opening presents. Whether it’s a big pile of presents under the Christmas tree or simply a little box from your favourite person, unwrapping a gift is a joy for many. Well, at least until you have to clean up the following day. […]

Can You Recycle Bubble Wrap?

As a child, one of the most fun and satisfying thing to do after unwrapping packages is to pop bubble wrap. The sound of the bubbles popping in your hand was satisfying and calming then and even now as an adult. But once all the air sacs are popped, what do you do with […]

How to Recycle Plastic?

Plastic is by far the most commonly used material in the world. Many of the products we use are made of Jute and that’s out famous jute bag that we offer worldwide. But when you think about it, plastics popularity forms a big portion of the problem and the reason why different communities and […]

10 Reasons Why We Should Recycle

You can think of recycling, like exercising. We all know we should do it and the benefits that follow, but somehow, not all of us do it. Those of us that do, very few do it as often as is recommended. In the past couple of years, the UK government has started taking recycling […]

Alternatives to Plastic Bags

Plastic pollution is a severe problem for the planet. Even though plastic bags are easy to produce, the menace they create is forcing more people to look for alternatives that are just as good as plastic bags without the negative effects. To put the damage plastic bags cause to the environment into perspective, here […]

10 Benefits of Jute Leaves

The Jute plant is one of nature’s best gifts. It’s a diverse plant with various uses which keeps on giving. The Jute plant is commonly known for producing jute fibres. Jute fibres are used to make jute bags, rags and even sacks. In ancient times, there were also clothes made out of jute fibres. […]

What are Natural Fibres?

With the changing environment, the pressure to seek natural alternatives to plastic or synthetic fibres has never been higher. Plastic bags have had their fair hand in the pollution of the environment and even shoppers are looking for better and more environmentally-friendly alternatives. Natural fibres are proving to be the preferred option. They are […]

What Are Plastic Bags Made Of?

The plastic bag debate has been long and unending. On the one hand, they are the convenient package that is easy to carry around, reusable and easy to clean. On the other hand, they wreak havoc to the environment because they are not degradable. We source Jute bags and belive is saving the world. […]

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