Hessian Bags, Burlap Bags or Burlap Fabric UK?

Burlap Fabric UK,Burlap Drawstring Bag,Burlap Bags: Personalised Hessian Bags | Jute Bags Wholesale | Hessian Bags Manufacturers | Cheap Jute Bags We have been asked many a time what the difference between jute bags, jute drawstring bags, hessian bags, hessian shopping bags,  &  burlap bags or burlap fabric uk?  Lets put a rest to this old age debate of what the difference between these are, most importantly why they are called what they are called. As a first, we know that these bags are made from the fabric that is either called Hessian, Burlap & Jute. Before these fabrics were [...]

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Questions to ask

Looking for wholesale jute bags, plain jute bags wholesale, jute personalised bags, small jute gift bags?  Sometimes when you are looking to purchase wholesale jute bags you may be confused as to the specific questions you may want to ask. Here are five key questions one needs to ask their supplier and the reasons why. What kind of stock do you hold of wholesale jute bags online? This is an important question to ask your supplier. By knowing the amount of stock a supplier holds one can tell the size of the company. Especially if you are a big retailer this will [...]

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Why its cheaper to use Jute Bags

Eco Bags UK | Eco-Friendly Bags Wholesale | Jute Bags | Environmental Disaster This article has been written to show you why it's cheaper to use Jute bags than plastic bags. We are on the cusp of an environmental disaster. With the amount of plastic that we are disposing of in landfills and oceans, the true scale of the problem is yet unknown. Every day in the news and general media we hear about how much plastic is being found in our oceans. This has led to a lot of marine life being adversely affected. Just a few months ago you [...]

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