• Top 5 Charity Merchandise

    Top 5 Charity Merchandise

    Charity merchandise is a great way to create awareness, generate funds and polished touch to your brand. Choosing the right merchandise can directly impact the money you raise or how your sponsors relate to your brands. There are hundreds of different options at your disposal, but not all of them will have the same impact. It takes time and experience to choose the right items for the right event. If you’re short on time but want to pick excellent merchandise to give away at your charity funds drive, here are five great options for a start.
    1. Branded eco-friendly bags
    Branded eco-friendly and reusable bags have many uses for both you and your guests. For you, they are a great marketing tool that will keep telling people about your charity and what you do for many years to come. For your guests and sponsors, they can do everything from being grocery bags to using them for semi-formal occasions. Our range of jute bags is also ideal because it’s made from natural fibres that are environment-friendly. We have a vast range of bag designs to choose from, including shopping bags, bottle bags, jute pouches and jute gift bags. We can also have the bags professionally branded to carry your brand and vision to the world.
    1. Promotional T-shirts
    Whether it’s an upcoming event, a virtual fundraiser or an in-person drive, you can never go wrong with promotional t-shirts that have your logo and a catchy phrase. These t-shirts also make great uniforms for your staff, allowing you to communicate the goal of the charity to your guests for as long as they are at the event. Promotional t-shirts are affordable and practical. With the proper branding and colour selection, they also make the perfect attention grabber.
    1. Sports Bottles
    Although not all your guests are fitness buffs, they can find use for a sports bottle. Whether it’s carrying water or any other drink that they sip throughout the day or using it to pack some cold drinks for a picnic, a sports bottle is diverse and practical. For your charity, the bottle is an excellent marketing tool and an ambassador for your brand wherever it goes. You just need to do it in the right branding. You will also be encouraging people to drink more water and reduce the carbon footprint.
    1. Umbrellas
    Umbrellas are an excellent giveaway at a charity especially considering the UK weather. Whether it’s raining or the sun is out, you will always find use for an umbrella. They are a highly useful promotional product that guarantees you get exposure every time it spreads its wings.
    1. Stickers and Gimmicks
    Stickers, badges and other gimmicks are a fun and colourful way to spread a message about your charity. All your guests have to do is wear the badge or place the sticker on their car. You can have different designs for donors and people that are supporting the fundraising efforts. What’s more, they are cost-effective, more so when you think about the visibility, they create for your organisation. The Takeaway When choosing merchandise to give at your charity event, it pays to think about the items you choose. Usually, thinking about the crowd attending, what is trending, or even the weather can give you great ideas for items that are practical and will fly off the shelves.

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