• Why its cheaper to use Jute Bags

    Why its cheaper to use Jute Bags

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    This article has been written to show you why it’s cheaper to use Jute bags than plastic bags.

    We are on the cusp of an environmental disaster. With the amount of plastic that we are disposing of in landfills and oceans, the true scale of the problem is yet unknown. Every day in the news and general media we hear about how much plastic is being found in our oceans. This has led to a lot of marine life being adversely affected. Just a few months ago you may have read about sperm whales being found dead on a North Sea Island in Germany. The cause of death was the amount of plastic waste including plastic bags that were found in their stomachs.

    It is good to know that the use of plastic bags can be replaced by eco-friendly bags such as Jute bags. This can be done quite easily actually. It only needs some education and the willingness of people to change their ways. In terms of price when it comes to choosing eco-friendly bags over plastic bags it really is a no-brainer. It has actually become cheaper to use Jute bags than plastic bags over the longer term.

    Cheap Jute Bags

    Jute bags generally cost the consumer between £2 – £4, seemingly more expensive than plastic bags. At the moment the cost of plastic bags is around 5p per bag (the amount that supermarkets and apparel stores charge). Of course, plastic bags can be bought cheaper elsewhere but lets face it we hardly ever go out and buy plastic bags. We generally get them when we go out grocery shopping to supermarkets or apparel shopping to various stores. However, one thing consumers tend to miss is that Jute bags are reusable and much more durable then plastic bags.

    Now with the 5p per bag charge of plastic bags at supermarket and shop counters, it makes more sense for consumers to buy a Jute Bag. This may be an expensive option when one initially looks at it. But this is how it can be cheaper overall to use – Plastic bags are usually used once and then thrown away. They are used to put household rubbish in them and then thrown away in bins. At the end of the chain, they usually end up in the ocean or in a land fill site. A Jute bag can be used over and over again.

    Jute Bags Cheaper And Contribute Towards Avoiding An Environmental Disaster

    Lets say a Jute bag that costs on average £3 is used over a 100 times. Maybe more but for now we can assume 100 times. It can be used numerous times to carry quite heavy things due to the durable nature of its material. But that being besides the point. A plastic bag is usually thrown away once its been used. So if the cost of a single plastic bag is 5p – it means using plastic bags for 100 times would cost £5. Goes to show that this is almost double the cost of using a Jute bag. So over the longer term its much cheaper to use Jute Bags. Of course, the added bonus is that it is also environmentally friendly – contributing less to an environmental disaster that we are currently facing!

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