Wholesale Cotton Bags

Wholesale Cotton Bags

If getting large quantities of cotton bags is your thing, you’ll love our wholesale option. We offer wholesale cotton bags to businesses for marketing and promotions. The beauty of wholesale cotton bags is undeniable – the prices are lower and make more economic sense for businesses. They help increase business margins without skimping on the quality of service offered.

Getting high-quality wholesale cotton bags with jute is a walk in the park. The process is simple, and the delivery is done in good time. Tailor-made bags to suit your needs, drop us your enquiry at sales@jutebag.co.uk and our sales team will be happy to help.


Dyed Cotton Bags

Cotton Pouches

High-quality wholesale cotton bags

Usually, businesses often have to trade quality for quantity. Many companies in this niche cannot provide a perfect balance of both. This sad reality of things is frustrating for most businesses, especially those that need to provide top-notch quality to survive.

Luckily, Jute Bag is here to demystify this myth. As a business looking for wholesale cotton bags, you don’t have to settle for either quantity or quality – you can have both. We are dedicated to ensuring the cotton bags we offer are consistent in quality (stitching and printing), from the first to the last bag made. And what’s better, you don’t have to pay through the nose for this. We understand it’s our job to offer you the best and go out of our way to give you what you deserve without charging extra.

Different sizes

Not all our clients are looking for the same thing. Some are looking for promotional cotton bags, those that are looking for bags to help improve their customer services and those who want the bags to resell under a different brand. We embrace the diversity and respect the business you run and the goals you are trying to meet. For this purpose, we have made it our business to offer cotton bags in different sizes. The sizes we offer range from 5oz to 16oz.

And in addition to this, we offer different styles as well. Some bags feature inner pockets and those that don’t and those that have fancy handles and those that are regular. The point is, regardless of what you need, we shall work heaven and earth to provide through the wholesale cotton bags.


The main reason most people buy jute cotton bags is for their usability. The cotton bags can be used for personal use, as business giveaways and promotional items. And given that the cotton bag designs we offer are unique and beautiful individuals are more than willing to rock them wherever they go. Unlike plastic bags, they can help to elevate style and boost your confidence.

Reliable and durable bags

Moreover, we are proud to say that our cotton bags are formed from different cotton fabrics that we source carefully from the best cotton fabric suppliers in the world. As such, the cotton bags are durable and even better, reliable. They will carry heavy loads without snapping under the pressure and embarrassing you in public. The hands are sewn in with skill and reinforced to ensure durability.

But even without the above, the fact that the bags are made from cotton means that they are stronger than other bags. This is because cotton is naturally strong and grows even stronger when wet.

Environmentally friendly

We have all seen the effects of neglecting our environment can have. The polar ice caps are melting, the sea levels rising, islands drowning in oceans, dirty environments, and landfills everywhere you look. Because of this, we must look to eco-friendly alternatives and solutions.

Cotton bags are eco-friendly and reduces pollution. It does not affect animals, and neither does it affect the climate. Even better, our cotton bags do not excite allergies or irritate the skin. You can carry our bags without the fear of reacting to the fabric.

print On Demand

If you are a business or an individual who wants a cool design on the cotton bag either for marketing purposes or fun, we have a print on demand solution. This affords you the luxury of presenting us with the design you love, and we print it on the number of cotton bags you order. Our print on demand is highly efficient. And though our delivery times depend on the size of the order, we are faster in fulfilment than most companies in the UK.

Eco-friendly fabric

There’s a reason we choose to make cotton bags. First and foremost, the bags are sturdy and durable. And second and most important, they are eco-friendly. This means that they will not contribute to the adverse climate change, pollute the environment or contribute to rising sea levels.

Cotton is a natural product and is bio-degradable. Moreover, the cotton fabric we use is of the highest quality in the industry and will not irritate or excite allergies in your clients. The same goes for the paint we use to print on the cotton bags.

Leading Wholesale Supplier in the UK

Running a wholesale business is not easy. Luckily, we have a firm grasp on things. In the years we’ve been operational, we’ve learnt how to balance between quality and quantity, mastered the process of creating beautiful designs and reduced our delivery times. While other companies are groping in the dark trying to find their footing, we deliver in the specified timelines without fail.

In addition to this, we offer the option of customising your own designs as well and choosing the type of cotton bag you want. All of these qualities make us the leading wholesale cotton bag supplier in the UK – a fact that we are proud of.

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