Cotton Shopping Bags

Cotton Shopping Bags

If you have some plastic bags tucked away on some shelf in your kitchen, you need to make a switch to eco-friendly cotton shopping bags. First because they will save you on space and second because they will save you some cash. Yes, with cotton shopping bags, you get to save money as they are reusable, and many stores charge extra for the plastic shopping bags. When you carry your cotton shopping bag to the grocery store, you can save money that you can use to run essential errands or buy a new outfit.

And third, since they are eco-friendly, you get to preserve the environment. So how about you take that step and order your cotton shopping bag from us. And if you are a business, JuteBag has got you covered with our wholesale shopping bag option.


Dyed Cotton Bags

Wholesale Cotton shopping bags in all sizes

We understand that not all grocery shopping sessions are the same. At times you’ll go shopping or one or two items, and other times you’ll push the shopping trolley down the grocery aisles and fill it to the brim. These sessions all need different shopping bag sizes.

We provide different sizes to cater to your shopping needs. We have shopping bags for gifts, and shopping bags fit for weekly shopping as well. We have made these cotton shopping bags strong enough to withstand the weight of the goods packed into them. The seams and handles are reinforced for this purpose.

Personalised Designs

Your shopping bags don’t have to be plain and boring. You can spice them up using our service. What you can imagine, we can create for you. This means you can choose your shopping bag dimensions, and add colourful prints on the sides. You can also choose different handles from our database. The handles vary from long shoulder straps to short cord handles.

And aside from the print, you can dye your cotton shopping bags to a different colour to match the artwork you fancy or your brand. And while it’s true choosing colours and matching them to fit your needs is not easy, JuteBag uses Pantone colours which makes the process easier.

Printing methods

We have partnered up with many factories that offer a range of printing solutions. Depending on the shopping bag design you fancy, we shall choose the best printing technique to use. The printing method chosen will be the most cost-effective and will yield the best quality finish.

Some of the printing methods we employ include: • Heat transfer • Puff and Foil • Gradient printing • Screen printing • Digital printing • Embroidery

Leading wholesale supplier in the UK

We have handled many clients in the past and delivered above their expectations. Our experience and skill in the industry allow us to meet set deadlines while providing quality products. The timelines we offer are custom as well. Once you place the order, we get back to you with a quotation and a timeframe for the project.

The quotation we offer is affordable and matches the quality we provide, and the timelines are reasonable. This is more than what other companies in the UK are willing or can offer.

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