Cotton Shopping Bags

Cotton Shopping Bags

The cotton shopping bag is fast becoming a go-to item to have in your handbag. It is compact, durable, and means that when you go shopping you no longer need to use a plastic bag. Plastic bags are a huge problem for the environment as they frequently end up in landfill. They take 400-1000 years to decompose and release plastic particles as they do so that contaminate oceans, rivers, and soil.

Whether you’re looking for your own personal cotton shopping bag or you’re a business looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags then check out our excellent selection below.

cotton shopping bags in all sizes

The type of cotton shopping bag you want to offer your customers will likely be dependent on the type of products you sell. Fortunately, we offer a range of sizes so you can select the right size for your products or go for multiple sizes to offer to your clientele. It may be that your company does not actually sell products, but you want to offer cotton shopping bags as a way of getting your brand out there so you can choose a size that would be the most useful to your customers.

Personalised Designs

The way your cotton shopping bags look is completely up to you. In addition to selecting the size of your bags, you can also choose the colour. Our colour palette is from the Pantone range so it is easy to choose the exact match for the design you have in mind.

There can also be a print added to your bag to make it completely personalised to your brand. We can help you to come up with an original design that suits your company and looks appealing to your customers. We use a range of printing techniques from screen printing to embroidery and will work with you to come up with a personalised design that you’re proud of. Alternatively, if you already have your own design or logo you can send this to us and we can tweak the dimensions to fit with your cotton shopping bags.

Printing methods

The printing methods we use are a unique selling point of JuteBag. We don’t just offer the ordinary printing techniques such as heat transfer and digital printing we also offer more hard to find printing methods such as puff and foil and gradient printing. As an ethical company, we guarantee that all of our workers are treated fairly so you can be confident that you’re purchasing a batch of bags that have been ethically sourced.

Save Money

Cotton shopping bags are a great way to cut costs and save money. The bags are reusable and washable, so you can use them multiple times without replacing them. If you’re a regular shopper, one cotton bag can save you the money you would spend buying plastic bags during every shopping trip. For corporates, cotton shopping bags make excellent gift bags for your event, and with our customised printing and branding, you can also use them to advertise your brand and your company. It’s an affordable and effective advertising method that doesn’t cost much.


At Jute Bags, we are proud of the quality of bags we produce. Our cotton shopping bags are made from high-quality 100% cotton fibre to guarantee exceptional performance and durability of the bags. The stitching and bag design is top-notch to withstand multiple washes and uses with every bag.

Fast turn around

We have a high-capacity factory and dedicated team that works on orders round the clock to ensure we deliver within the agreed timeline, no matter the size of the order. We provide our clients with practical timelines depending on the order size and details. For customers looking to upgrade one of our stock cotton shopping bag designs, we can complete the order within 10 working days. For orders requiring new designs and shopping bags made from scratch, we can deliver within eight works. Our fully-fledged, state-of-the-art factory and team have a high output per hour, ensuring we always deliver to order and on time – always.

Leading wholesale supplier in the UK

JuteBag are a leading supplier of wholesale reusable bags. We have created bespoke made bags for a wide range of companies who have used these to both cut down on plastic usage and make the most of a profitable advertising opportunity.

When selecting JuteBag you can look forward to a personalised service, quality products and fast turnaround times.

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