• Top 5 Exhibition Merchandise

    Top 5 Exhibition Merchandise

    Giveaways and merchandise are some of the most touted methods of increasing traffic to your exhibition stands. Having free items not only gets people’s attention but also increases the time they hang around your stand. However, whatever you decide to give has to be practical and useful for people to pay attention to. If the items you’re offering aren’t good enough, attendees will just be walking by the stand. In this blog, we look at some of the best merchandise to giveaway at an exhibition stand.
    1. Eco-Friendly Branded Bags
    Branded bags are a fantastic giveaway for several reasons. They make great marketing tools, and they are practical. You can go even further by choosing our range of jute bags for environmentally conscious brands that want to raise the same awareness to their target market. Our range of jute bags is reusable, which makes it more practical and is washable. If you’re looking to brand the bags, we can do that for you as well.
    1. Wearables
    Most promotional giveaways end up in the dustbin even before the visitors leave the hall. That’s because they are often poorly made and don’t stand up to the test of time. Branded clothing like socks, bobble hat or gloves are more practical, and it’s more likely that your guests will take them home and wear them for years to come. For your brand, that means marketing for many years to come. These wearables are particularly handy when exhibiting at a winter trade show. Some guests might pick them out of impulse, but in the long run, your brand wins.
    1. Bottle Opener Keyring
    Most exhibitors offer a keyring as a giveaway. It’s not a bad idea, but it’s not entirely practical. It’s unlikely that most attendees will be missing a keyring, and unless they feel loyal enough to your brand, they’re unlikely to take a second keyring for the sake of it. Adding a bottle opener increases the use of the keyring and gives the guests a reason not only to take but to use the freebie, creating a long-lasting impression and association with your brand.
    1. Custom-printed T-shirts and Umbrellas
    You can never go wrong with custom-printed t-shirts and umbrellas. These make memorable reminders of your business. With T-shirts, you can also use them as a uniform for the staff manning the stand. The umbrellas are an excellent touch for shows in rainier climates.
    1. Stress relief balls
    Stress relief balls are a fun giveaway. You can tie in a marketing message or even a list of your products and service. As a top choice of exhibition freebies, stress balls will always attract the masses, and those who care to pick one up can start using it immediately. The balls come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Just ensure the one you pick is relatable and will entice your guests. Closing Thoughts There are tons of items you can offer at your exhibition stand. But whether the strategy works or doesn’t depend on how practical and relatable the products. It’s vital to choose items that apply to the location of the show and letting the current climate and trends guide your selection.

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