• FairTrade Cotton Benefits

    FairTrade Cotton Benefits

    The cotton market supports millions of families across the world. However, the cotton market can be rough, unpredictable, and is often associated with negative environmental and social impacts.

    At Cotton Bags, we try to make a positive impact on the community and environment. That is why we have made a conscious decision to use Fairtrade cotton.

    What is Fairtrade?

    Fairtrade is a network that works with over one million farmers and works in over 73 countries. This network helps cushion farmers against the fluctuating prices of cotton while ensuring the best practices are followed in the growth and production of cotton.

    Our decision to use Fairtrade cotton is because of the numerous benefits it offers not only to our business but also to our clients, farmers, the environment, and society.

    Excellent wage system

    Without cotton farmers, it would be impossible to enjoy the soft and supple cotton bags that we make. Unfortunately, despite the hard effort and work that cotton farmers put in to grow cotton, they are often underpaid.

    Under the Fairtrade system, farmers can make decent earnings from the growth of cotton. Most of the Fairtrade cooperatives also invest in the local communities for financial empowerment. This improves the general living conditions and makes cotton farming sustainable.

    Improved environmental conditions

    The growth of cotton requires heavy use of agrochemicals, which has earned cotton the nickname “the dirty crop.” While the use of these chemicals helps to sustain the plant and result in favourable yields, they take a toll on the environment and the soil.

    Fairtrade cotton is 100% organically grown. This creates a sustainable growing pattern that doesn’t damage the environment, the soil, or the water table.

    Organically grown cotton also allows us to make safer bags that don’t contain harmful chemicals that might trigger allergies and sicknesses in people who use products made from cotton grown using agrochemicals.

    Discourages child labour

    In most developing countries where cotton is grown as a commercial crop, child labour is common. While these reduce the cost of production, it infringes on numerous rights of the children, among them the right to education.

    By using Fairtrade cotton, we discourage child labour and put money in the pockets of parents who rely on cotton to educate their children.

    Fairtrade cooperatives also invest heavily in improving social conditions by empowering the farmers through better business education, which leads to higher levels of profitability.

    It is our responsibility!

    As a business, we believe we are accountable to all the stakeholders that help to make our business sustainable. We also believe we are responsible for the health of our customers and workers. Choosing to use Fairtrade cotton is our way of ensuring we give back to society, protect the environment and our workers, and provide the best quality and safe cotton bags for our clients.

    This means higher overheads and lower profit margins. But we believe this is a small sacrifice compared to the significant impact that Fairtrade cooperatives make in cotton-growing communities and protecting the environment and children from the vices associated with commercial cotton growing.

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