Hessian Favour Bags

Hessian Favour Bags

Gift wrapping using boxes and gift wrapping paper is becoming an outdated culture, especially at weddings. Giving gifts that are practical and diverse is quickly becoming the order of the day. One of the ways friends and family are gifting the bride and groom is using favour bags.

If you go the extra mile and want to give a gift while preserving the environment, we have an exceptional range of hessian favour bags we think you will love.

With our range of hessian sacks, we can help you get a bag that is classy, durable, high quality and friendly to the environment.

Bespoke Hessian Favour Bags

You don’t have to pick a hessian favour bag that looks the same as everybody else’s. We have various designs and colours that you can choose from depending on your preference.

For clients that would like to order for hessian favour bags in bulk, we have a special bespoke bag service that we believe will help you make the most out of your bulk order.

Using our bespoke bag service, you can create the perfect hessian favour bag for you. We will provide you with all the materials you need for the bag and allow you to pick the ones you want. Our bespoke service goes as far as branding the bags for you to ensure the bags stand out and pass the message during the event.

Fast Delivery

We understand time is of the essence. Our teams work round the clock to ensure all orders are completed within the stipulated time.

We can deliver bespoke bulk orders designed from scratch in as little as eight weeks. We also offer branding services for corporate clients. The branding can be done on bespoke bags or some of our stock options. For branding only orders, we can deliver the order in as little as ten working days. With us, you’re assured of efficiency and communication as we handle your order.

Wide Range of Hessian Favour Bags

Whether you’re looking for hessian favour bags for a wedding, birthday party, an anniversary celebration or any other event, you can find the right hessian favour bag in our store.

We have a multitude of designs and colours to suit different occasions and events. In case you don’t find the right bag, you can use our bespoke bag service to design the ultimate bag complete with the colours and accessories of your choice.

Leading Wholesaler of Hessian Favour Bags

Jute Bags is one of the leading wholesalers of hessian favour bags. We can mass produce various designs of bags for bulk orders and reselling.

We have built strong relationships and support with retailers who have been stocking our products for years, and we have grown together.