Hessian Sacks Wholesale

Hessian Sacks Wholesale

Hessian Sacks might not be as glorious as they once were. But they still have a role in the modern world. If you’re looking for sizeable packaging made from tough fibres that you can use and reuse, hessian sacks come to mind.

At Jute Bags, we stock a wide range of durable hessian sacks wholesale ready for order and shipping. Hessian bags are perfect for storing vegetables like potatoes because they don’t deprive them of air. The sacks can also be used to store rice, coffee beans and hold large amounts of sands.

Jute Pouches

With a little modification, hessian sacks also make the perfect grow bags for gardeners that want to start growing their vegetables.

Small, Medium and Large Bags

Our range of hessian sacks comes in all sizes. We understand different buyers are looking for different sizes and types of bags and we always make sure we have an extensive range of sizes to suit all of your needs.

Whether you’re looking for large, small or medium hessian sacks, you can rest assured we have just the right size for you. We even have extra small hessian sacks that you can modify and use to deliver gifts to large bags that you can use in stores and ferry heavy things. Our eco friendly bags are made from the best quality jute fibres so the strength and durability of the bag are guaranteed.

Multi-purpose Hessian Sacks

The strength and durability of our hessian sacks allow the bags to be used for just about anything. You can use them for fun activities like sack races to filling them with sand and using them as a barricade for flooding water.

To meet the demands of our clients, we source for hessian bags made from the best quality hessian fibres and that has a thick finish. If you prefer jute gift bags with a different thickness, you can get in touch with us for assistance.

Our sacks are made with strong seams to keep them together under load and we also have them in different finishes depending on your preference. With our wide collection of hessian sacks, you have the full freedom of choice to choose what serves your purpose best.

Leading Wholesale Supplier in the UK

Jute Bags is a leading supplier of hessian sacks and other jute products such as non-woven bags. We have built a trusted and reputable brand over the years by providing quality and convenient services for all customers looking for reliable and reusable bags.

We believe in offering as much variety as possible to all our customers. Our products come in different colours, designs and finishes. We even provide bespoke services for some of our products to make sure we cover all the needs and wants of our clients.

For customers that want their hessian bags to be printed, we offer bespoke printing services which include screen and embroidery. We will determine the technique required to complete your artwork and provide you with the best opinion possible. We can also help with branding and design of jute bags and other types of shopping bags.

With Jute Bags, you have a one-stop-shop for all your hessian sacks, jute bags and other non-woven bags needs!