• How to Recycle Paper Bags

    How to Recycle Paper Bags

    Recycling is becoming a priority in most homes and businesses. Plastic bags, in particular, have attracted the most attention concerning recycling. Over the years, most homes and businesses have collected a heap of paper bags that they would like to dispose of through recycling but don’t know-how.

    There are several ways you can recycle or reuse paper bags. You just need to choose which ones make the most sense for you.

    Using a recycling centre

    Recycling is a booming business now that more people are open to using recycled products. That means there are more recycling centres and plants now looking for products to recycle. If you have many paper bags you want to get rid of at once, using a recycling centre is the most practical solution for you.

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    The best thing about recycling paper bags is that it doesn’t cost you anything. You just need to carefully sort the bags and follow the instruction of sending the papers to the recycling plant. These instructions include:

    • Ensuring the bags are emptied and don’t have food inside them before putting them in the recycling bins. Take the receipts, pins and gum out of the bags.
    • Only recyclable bags should be recycled. Bags that can be recycled have a symbol or a number that identifies the bag is recyclable. Only recyclable bags should be sent to the recycling plant.
    • If you have many bags you want to recycle, you can put them inside a garbage bag. Make sure you squeeze the bags so they don’t have any air in them and they don’t take too much space.
    • Finally, you can drop the bags in the collection bin at a convenient location for you. Make sure you place the bags in the correct bin for easier sorting.

    Reuse the Paper Bags

    Unfortunately, not all paper bags are earmarked for recycling. There are some that cannot be recycled. If you’re left with these types of bags, you can make the most out of them by reusing them.

    There are numerous creative ways you can use the bags to save money and conserve the environment before you dispose of them. One of the easiest ways to reuse paper bags is to use them as grocery bags. You can also use the bags as storage bags to keep some foods in your fridge.

    Other creative ways of reusing paper bags include using them as garbage bin liners in your kitchen and other parts around the house, and you can also use them to store garbage inside the car. Because the bags are durable, you can use them multiple times before they are worn out and need replacing.

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    Depending on the size of the bags, you can also use them to wrap valuables around the house to protect them from dust. You can also cut the plastic bags and tape them up on tables and other areas that tend to get messy around the house. This will make the areas easier to clean and prevent the underlying materials from moisture damage.

    Make crafts out of the bag

    If the bags can no longer be reused, you have the option of turning them into “plarn” (yarn made out of plastic bag strips) and use it to make crafts like mats, bags and totes. Turning the bags into plarn is quite simple. All you need to do is shred the bags into thin strips that you can later knit or crochet into your preferred items. The items you make from plarn are just as strong and durable as the paper bags they are made from.

    Getting crafty with paper bags is a good idea if you have many bags that are of the same colour that you can’t be recycled because making items of the bags requires several bags.

    As you find ways to recycle the paper bags you currently have, you should also consider moving to reusable bags to save yourself the trouble of dealing with paper bags in the future. We have an exceptional range of unique and eco-friendly reusable jute bags that come in different sizes, designs and colours that would make the perfect alternative to plastic bags.

    Our jute bags make perfect grocery bags, and we also have small sizes that you can use as tote bags or a purse. The bags are made from a strong, natural fibre that will serve you for a long time saving you money and keeping the environment safe.

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