• How to Store Reusable Grocery Bags

    How to Store Reusable Grocery Bags

    Reusable bags are supposed to serve multiple purposes and save you the trouble of buying multiple bags. But, somehow, you will always find yourself with more bags than you need. Whether you have one or several reusable grocery bags, how you store them is critical.

    Reusable bags are made using fibres that favour the growth of bacteria and mould in the right condition. Without proper care and storage, reusable grocery bags can cause illness by contaminating the food you buy. Here are a few tips on how you should store your grocery bags to keep them functional and safe.

    Clean the bags

    The best way to store reusable grocery bags is when they are clean. In many cases, the bags will retain moisture from spills and wet foodstuffs that can encourage the growth of mould and bacteria or a bad smell.

    Cleaning the bags regularly ensures the bags are safe for your next trip to the supermarket. When cleaning the bags, only use products that are safe and rinse the bags thoroughly, so the cleaning reagents are not left clinging on the fibres of the bag.

    Gather the bags and sort them

    Once the bags are clean and dry, you can start sorting them. Most grocery bags come in different sizes. Sorting them ensures you organize them in a manner that makes it easy for you to retrieve the right bag for the right purpose.

    Through the sorting process, you can also isolate the bags and select the ones you want to keep and those that have outlived their time.

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    You can categorise the bags according to size. The small bags you can use for children’s lunches and the large bags for grocery shopping.

    Fold the bags

    After sorting through all the bags, you can begin the process of folding them. Reusable bags can be a nuisance in terms of organization. They’re not rigid, so they can’t sit in one place, and they don’t look good when hanged on the wall using hooks.

    Folding them to keep them out of sight safely is the best option. It saves on space,  and the bags are away from the prying eyes of visitors.

    Small bags are best folded twice. If you have several bins lying around, you can have one container for small bags only.

    Large bags require that you fold them several times. When placing the bags in the bin, make sure you pile enough bags, so they don’t fall over when you move the bin.

    The bags should be tightly packed so they stay organised. If you don’t have a bin, but you can spare a cabinet, you can arrange the bags inside the cabinet. Just ensure it is well aerated and lit to prevent the growth of mould.

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    Alternatively, you could also squeeze all the bags inside the biggest reusable bag you have. Keeping the bags organised will make them easy to access and keep them ready for the next time you need them.

    You can save yourself the trouble of spending ample time cleaning and sorting the bags by ensuring you clean, fold and return the bag to where it was initially stored.

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