• How to Wear a Tote Bag

    How to Wear a Tote Bag

    There’s only a single bag most people want, that’s a tote bag. It is used to pull off cool summer looks, the weekend looks, to go shopping and hit the beach – it’s a perfect companion bag. Though tote bags look stylish on fashionistas, adding it to a look doesn’t come naturally for some. To help you nail it and allow it to elevate your look, here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing.

    The Audrey

    At some point in your life, you’ve probably wished to be as elegant as Audrey Hepburn when you leave the house for work. And while it might seem impossible with all the items you are yet to haul, here is a list of items you need to come close to vintage but chic look.

    • A cloche dress (knee-length). It could be white or any neutral colour
    • A jute tote bag. Jute tote bags are ideal for office wear. You can use a neutral colour, including white, gray, and brown.
    • Wood themed wristwatch
    • Brown sandals. If they are made of leather and strappy even better.

    When you put these pieces of clothes together, it won’t matter what is in your tote bag – you will look amazing.

    A disco girl with style

    The good thing about fashion is that we always seem to cycle back to trends that were the ‘in-thing’ decades ago. Fashion always comes back with a bang. The disco girl look, for instance, was hot in the ’80s. Today, if you accessorize it with your tote bag, you will turn heads. Here is everything you need to complete the look.

    • A strapped top (white). It should leave a huge chunk of your back and shoulder bare.
    • High waist trousers.
    • A beach hat. Bold colours like sky blue and pink are perfect
    • String sandal with a neutral colour
    • A large jute bag for your beach and picnic items

    The city girl in summer

    This is an easy look to pull off. You will need:

    • Cute sunglasses
    • Dark brown fedora hat
    • Platform shoes
    • A denim dress

    Tie the look together with a brown canvas tote.


    If you have beautiful long legs, you should flaunt them. The perfect way to do this is by:

    • Wearing denim booty shorts
    • Green snickers
    • A canvas tote bag
    • A long-sleeved shirt
    • Cute sunglasses


    The design and look of the tote bag will guide you in the style it fits. Also, most times, the prints will say a lot about the place to rock the tote. For instance, a tote with a large anchor on the side would be perfect for the beach.

    On the other hand, leather bags have an authentic look and feel to them. You can rock them to the office, when you are running errands or to a casual event with friends and family.

    The above are simple looks you can pull off and that your tote bag can help elevate. Experiment with these and add your creativity and personality the best way you know.

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