• Jute Bag Vs Plastic Bag

    Jute Bag Vs Plastic Bag

    Jute is fibre obtained from a native plant in South East Asia including India and Bangladesh. The plant is processed into strong fibre, which in turn is used to make eco-friendly packaging solutions.

    How Plastics became widely used

    Given jute bags are made from natural products, they tend to be a little expensive. As such alternative packaging products were created from PP type fabric. The fabric is popular since it’s cheaper. And in the business world, that much is acceptable. The problem is in the fact that the plastic doesn’t break or biodegrade easily. As such, the bags take centuries to rot.

    This property makes them a big threat to the environment. Many of these bags are found floating on lakes and oceans suffocating the aquatic life. And unfortunately, some aquatic life like jellyfish absorb them into their system and die. The UK government has recognised the threat and has embarked on setting up processes and policies to control them.

    Luckily, Jute bags are a better alternative with numerous advantages over plastic bags.

    Advantages of Jute

    Natural Fibre

    Jute is derived from a plant. The fibre is durable and strong. As a natural product, it degrades easily and poses no threat to the earth. Also, carrying products in jute bags preserves hygiene. And though plastic bags aren’t a health hazard, they aren’t biodegradable. They take more than 400 years to decompose.


    Being a natural fibre, it is affordable and easily available. Jute bags are strong and durable. The jute bags are soft and have a smooth texture. Moreover, they can be designed into any shape you prefer to suit your target market. On the other hand, plastic bags have a short life span. They lose their gloss very fast.


    Jute bags are breathable. As such, they improve airflow and help in preserving the freshness of the items one carries especially groceries. Moreover, they are temperature resistant, unlike plastic bags.

    Leave Minimal Carbon Footprint

    The production process varies greatly. The Jute products are kind on the environment with the emissions during the manufacturing process. On the other hand, plastic bags emit a lot of carbon gasses, which negatively impact the environment and cause global warming. Jute bags are eco-friendly and safeguard our future.

    Hip and Trendy

    The bags can be made into any shape and design and have different graphics printed on them. You can carry them to work without looking cheap or out of style. Jute bags will complement your look.

    The main difference between jute bags and plastic bags is the fact that jute is natural and plastic is not. Overall, jute bags are better than plastic bags.

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