Jute Beach Bag

Finding the right bag to take with you to the beach can be difficult. You need a bag with enough aeration, so your items inside are not baked by the hot sun. The bag also needs to be durable and keep up with the humid conditions.

Jute beach bags are perfect for this task. They are reusable, washable and because of the nature of the fibre, they provide enough protection to the items you carry inside them without locking the heat inside.

If you’re thinking of buying a fashionable jute beach bag to carry with you when you’re going to bask in the sun, we have just the bag for you.

Deli Bags

Small, medium and large bags

You already have enough things you need to carry to the beach. The last thing you want is another chunky bag to take up space and become a pain when setting up.

Or maybe, you prefer carrying snacks for the family. A large bag that holds everything in one place could be the best buy.

No matter what you’re looking for, our extensive collection of jute beach bags will satisfy all your needs. We have large, medium and small beach bags designed to cater to all your needs.

Browse through our extensive collection of jute bags that you can take to the beach and you will find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Multi-purpose Jute Beach Bags

Jute beach bags not only offer ample storage for the items you take to the beach, but they can also be a great fashion statement.

Our range of jute beach bags are guaranteed to stand out and get you noticed. They stand up to the harsh conditions at the beach and they are washable. If your bag picks a few grains of sand, you can easily clean out and keep it ready for the next visit to the beach.

The bags are made from the best quality jute fibres and workmanship to make sure they are of high quality and the best durability. We pick the best handles for the bags to make sure they are not only classy and authentic but reliable as well.

If you don’t find something you fancy, you’re welcome to try out our bespoke service which allows you to design and choose the jute beach bag of your dreams. The service is simple to use with a rich variety or parts and designs you can choose for your bag.

Leading Wholesale Supplier in the UK

With Jute Bags, you not only have a partner that has your best interests at heart but also one of the largest jute bags and non-woven bags suppliers in the UK.

We have been in the market for many years and using our experience, we have put together a full range of bags like jute bottle bags for you to choose from.

We are keen on the materials we use on our products and we offer our clients with all the services they need which include printing and branding under one roof. This makes shopping with easier and convenience and you’re guaranteed of the best quality products at all times.

Why Buy Our Jute Beach Bags?

Our jute beach bags offer numerous benefits for the end user and the environment, including;

They are environment friendly

The bags are made from natural, responsibly sourced fibres. They are reusable, and the bags quickly decompose when discarded. The fibres of the bag easily rot when they come in contact with moisture for prolonged periods ensuring they don’t become hazards for marine fish in case the bag is swept into the sea.

Wide range of trendy designs

We always come up with unique and trendy designs that make the bags stand out and become the centre of attention wherever you go. We have multiple designs you can pick from depending on your preference and style, and they come in various configurations, so you can select something that interests you.


We embrace and promote creativity and always try to ensure you get the jute bag of your dreams. If you can’t find the bag you want in our selection of designs, or you have a particular design in mind, we have a bespoke bag service that you can use to bring your dream bag to life. We can make the bag from scratch for you or customise some of your stock designs with your preferred accessories, whichever way you like. We also do custom branding for bulk clients and corporate events giving you an added and functional avenue for advertising.


Saving the planet and the environment doesn’t have to be expensive. Our bags are a great way to do that while saving yourself some money because the bags are affordably priced and reusable.