Jute Bottle Bags

Jute Bottle and Wine Bags

View our selection of jute bottle bags, jute jar bags, Jute Bottle bags with windowsSeasonal bottle jute bags and large 6 jute bottle bags.

Our jute bottle bags are perfect as gift bags. Check out our collection of – 2 jar jute bags, 2 window jute bags, 3 jar jute bags and 3 window jute bags.

Our range of jute bottle and wine bags are designed to safely get the bottles home or to a function. If you would like to add some class, we also have great re-usable bags with a transparent front panels that are perfect for scotch and wine.

All jute stock bags can be printed with your branding or you can within 10 working days! Get in touch with our sales team for a printed jute bag quote.

Deli Bags

You have probably come across online articles emphasising on the need to keep your wine on its side. If you’re a wine lover, you know one of the few times your wine bottle should be upright is when taking it home.

Most shopping bags can’t support this. Instead, the bottle has to be on its side which increases the chances of breaking and pouring everything in it. It is even more important to have bottles stored upright if you’re going to have a few of them in the same bag. This prevents that clanking sound and keeps the bottles from breaking.

Our bottle and wine bags come in all sizes. We understand that are various bottled items you buy and we have different sizes of bags to provide safe transport for all your items.

We have bags for tall, medium and short bottles and we have bags that can hold one, two and even three bottles all in an upright position with barriers that keep the bottles from rubbing against each other during transit.

With our range and diversity of jute shopping bags for bottles, your wine and other bottled beverages can get home safely and in style.

Multi-Purpose Bottle Bags

The bottle bags are not only a great way to ferry your goodies home but, they also double up as great gift bags. They are neatly designed and provide an affordable yet classy way for you to pass on a variety of gifts which include wine, scotch and even sweet pea jam.

To meet the demands of different clients, the bags are made from highly durable materials and fitted with wooden handles that give the bag an authentic and classy feel. In addition, the high quality handles ensure the bag does not rip from carrying the weighty bottles.

Depending on the purpose of the bag, we have a wide variety of options that you can choose from each with different finishing, handles and design. Our goal is to make sure our clients always find the perfect bottle bag for the use they have in mind.

Leading Wholesale Supplier in the UK

We are a leading supplier of bottle and wine bags and other types of jute shopping bags and non-woven bags. Over the years, we have built a reputation as a reliable supplier to our various retailers and off-license sellers. We take pride in providing high-quality bags for our clients.

We take time to source for the right materials, come up with an incredible and lasting design and make sure the workmanship on each of the bags is of the highest standards to guarantee the best results and durability with all the bags.

We take pride in having unlimited diversity. With the addition of our bespoke bag service, our clients can enjoy the ultimate experience with our bags and redefine their personality. All these at pocket-friendly rates.