Jute Gift Bags

Jute Gift Bags

Are you tired of always having to deliver gifts wrapped in gift paper? Or maybe you find it a little monotonous seeing that it has been around for many years. Gift bags are the new thing and at Jute Bags, we have a wide variety of options that you can choose from.

Our wide range of hessian bags come in all sizes which include small gift bags, jute gift bags and drawstring bags. We provide a unique, simple but elegant way to deliver all your gifts in functional and re-usable bags.

Coloured Gift Bags

Just because you decide to use jute bags to deliver your gift doesn’t mean you always have to go with the old brown bags. We have a variety of fun and vibrant coloured bags that will add that dash of love and personality to your gift.

You can also choose from a variety of different finishes and prints. At any given time, we have over 80 different styles and finishes in stock that you can choose from. With us, you can always have an interesting way to keep your gifts as a surprise at all times.

Tailor-made Gift Bags

When your gift is extra special and you want an extra special gift bag to deliver your gift in, you can use our bespoke bag service.

With this service, you can design your own unique bag to match your personality and the occasion. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best quality service at all times and even our custom bags are very affordable.

Our bespoke service is perfect for buyers with a creative mind and can’t find the bag they are looking for in our collection. With the custom bags, you get to choose everything from the handles, zippers, and the prints and colours you want on your bag.

Non-Woven Gift Bags

While our jute gift bags are quite popular, we also have a variety of non-woven gift bags that you can consider. Our non-woven options are made from different materials to suit the needs and preferences of different clients.

They come in different colours and prints and make great gift bags. They are incredibly durable and functional. They can be used for a variety of applications long after they have delivered the gift.

Wide Range Jute Gift Bags

Finding the right jute gift bag is easy. You can choose from a wide range of designs, shapes, colours and sizes. The bag feature among other unique handle designs and features like windows and zippers to suit the various you have in mind.

With our range of Jute gift bags, you have an elegant way of delivering your thoughtful gifts. If you can’t find the right gift bag in our collection, you can use our bespoke bag service to create and design a personalised bag.

We offer practical and convenient timelines to all our clients. For corporates and large wholesale orders of customised jute gift bags from scratch, we take about eight weeks to complete the order. The timeline varies depending on the size and specifications of the order.

Leading Wholesale Supplier in the UK

Jute Bags has been in operation since 2004. Over the years, we have built a reputation by building quality, jute beach bags. Over the years, we have built lasting partnerships with retailers worldwide and off-license sellers.

We take pride in growing and helping other businesses grow. Our capacity to deliver on large and small orders in a short period ensures that our clients can get both stock and custom bags in the shortest time.

We also offer a variety of other services like branding stock bags for companies in as little as 10 days. Our ability to deliver and the trust that we have built over the years has allowed us and the retailers that partner with us to enjoy unlimited success over the years.