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What is Jute?

Jute Processing

Jute Bags,Hessian Shopping Bags,Jute,Small Jute Bags : Jute | Jute Bags | Bag Material – A natural fibre that is extracted from the bark of the jute vegetable plant. A long, soft and shiny fibre that is one of the strongest fibres in the world, the second most produced natural fibre after cotton.

Raw jute is also referred to as burlap or hessian, and can be blended with other fibres both synthetic & natural, and accepts natural, reactive and pigment dyes. Jute can be made into many things including jute fabric bags, jute bags and jute bag for life. Hessian sacking is another term used to define jute sacks.  View our selection of stock jute bags

Jute fibres from jute plant are referred to as raw jute and jute production also depends on a lot of factors, extracting the white jute is not that easy. Humid climates, thermal condition, slow running water are some of the important factors which are taken care while producing jute. Environmentally friendly fibrous matter are the best replacement for plastic bags.

Stock Jute Bags
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  • Fibre with a high tensile strength

  • One of the most versatile natural fibres

  • Natural anti-bacterial qualities

  • Can be woven to your specification

  • Yarn dyed using our in-house mills

We use in-house jute mills allowing us to weave the jute fabric to your specification

Take a look below at how jute fabric is made. This process is done in the same factory that makes our bags, giving us full control of the complete manufacturing process, from initial plant fibres to the final stitching of your bespoke bag!

For more information on jute and jute production please check: Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is produced primarily from plants in the genus Corchorus, which was once classified with the family Tiliaceae, and more recently with Malvaceae. Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Design your jute bags today!

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JuteBag Jute Processing
Dyeing Jute Material

We can dye material to match any Pantone colour, alternatively choose from a selection of stock colours we hold at our factory. If you are ordering your bag from India we can provide edge to edge printing, as your bag will be printed before it is stitched together! Choose from a selection of extra features too!

If you are looking for something unique check out our premium fabrics BioJute & Jutton, stock bags are available in various material finishes, including soft washed!
Take a look at some of our most popular jute fabrics below!