Personalised Cotton Bags

Personalised Cotton Bags

Most cotton bags are plain and boring. For this reason, we’ve made it possible for you to spice up your cotton bag to wow your workmates with, to go shopping with or to carry your personal items when you are on the road.

These personalised cotton bags are perfect for daily use and can be kept as eco-friendly reusable bags. And the best part is that they are affordable.

Dyed Cotton Bags

Customise your tote bags

Tote bags don’t have to be boring. You can infuse your personality and create a statement piece that will everyone wowed. Part of the customisation process involves choosing a handle for the tote bag. The types of handles available for use include:• Cotton cord • Cotton webbing • Jute • Cane • Dye ribbed cotton webbing • Cotton • Dyed jute • Dyed striped cotton webbing

And depending on the type of handle you choose, you can also specify the colour it should be to match the overall look of the bag.

Next is the design to be printed on the tote bag. Have a wide range of printing methods which help to accommodate the different styles, complexities and quality of the print design. Some of the methods we have in our list of printing services include:• Screen printing • Digital • Transfer • Embroidery • Foil • Glitter • CMYK • Tonal

You can also add other features to the bag to give it a more personal feel. These extra features include inner labels, hand tags, polybags, rivets, inner pockets, outer pockets, zippers and patches.

Personalised Designs

With the varied printing methods at your disposal, you can present us with your unique design and dictate how you want it done to match your goals. We shall deliver according to your specifications and exceed industry standards. You can send the designs via email. You only need to make sure you send HD images to make it easier to get high-quality printing done.

Fast delivery

Our custom services are available to all our clients at affordable prices. Though we make our personalised cotton bags from scratch, we don’t charge a fortune. And even better, we make deliveries within eight weeks. But this is dependent on the size of the order you make and the design specified.

For those that only want specific print branding, the process will take about ten business days (again, depending on the size of the order. And while fulfilling these orders, we ensure that the quality of the last bag is the same as that of the first bag.

If you need to get your personalised cotton bag done today, get in touch with our sales department for a quote on the bag size, design, size of the order, and personalisation.

Leading wholesale supplier in the UK

We are proud to say that we lead the pack in this industry. Our quality service, attention to detail, and friendly customer service give us an edge in the industry. We also have a varied range of features to personalise and transform your tote bag into a work of art.

Get in touch and have us cater to all your needs like we can read your mind.

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Benefits of Our Personalised Cotton Bags

Spice up your life with our range of stylish and functional cotton bags. We’ve taken out all the boring and plain aspects of the bags and transformed them into trendy bags that you can use for going to the supermarket, running errands or even going to brunch with your friends. Here are some other reasons why you should buy our personalised cotton bags.

Quality eco-friendly personalised cotton bags

Our personalised bags are made from responsibly and sustainably sourced cotton using fair trade policies and ethical production. Choosing a Jute cotton personalised bag is going for quality and eco-friendly bags that support the communities that grow the raw materials we use to make them.


You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets to find personalised cotton bags designed and printed to your liking. Our bags are affordable and reusable, ensuring you get value for your money.

We have a wide selection of designs.

We offer a wide range of stock designs for our cotton bags, so you can easily find the perfect bag based on your preference and the bag’s purpose. For that personalised touch, we can have the bag customised with your desired accessories and finished in your favourite colour.

We also have a bespoke bag service that you can use to design your cotton bag from scratch with the help of our experts. With our diversity and experience, it’s impossible not to find a personalised cotton bag for the applications you have in mind.