Personalised Tote Bags

Personalised Tote Bags

Personalised tote bags have taken the shopping world by storm. And many businesses have caught up on this. So instead of giving random promotional products, they prefer to give Personalised tote bags and with good reasons. First and foremost, tote bags can be used for many different things. As such, customers take them everywhere they go. This helps to build brands and market businesses. But even better, Personalised tote bags are beautiful; we make ours from canvas. The use of canvas means that they are eco-friendly and durable in comparison to paper and plastic bags.

JuteBag has been in the business for years, and we’d love to help your business grow organically through these Personalised tote bags. Below are some reasons why you should place an order.

Print on demand

We have a range of plan canvas tote bags in our inventory. And though some businesses order these, we always encourage them to add a design, company logo, and colours. Doing so helps to improve their brand awareness at a fraction of the price of mainstream advertisements.

To help fast forward the process and make it easier even for small companies to personalise tote bags for potential clients, we offer a wholesome print-on-demand service. Our time in the industry has seen us make great partnerships with printing companies all around the world to ensure that we use the best printing method for the design you have in mind. We take a minimum order of 1000 pieces, which even small and growing businesses can afford.

In-house design team

If you don’t have a design in mind, you’ll be pleased to note that we have an in-house design team. The team is responsible for all the ready to print designs we currently have. But also, they are ready to help you create a custom piece for your business.

JuteBag understands that finding a reputable creative to deliver as you imagine it is a challenge. And because of this, we do our best to offer every print solution under one roof. This allows you to concentrate on parts of the business that excite you without compromising on the quality of your promotional items.


The Personalised tote bags are done in record time. The time we take per order depends on several factors including the size of the order, whether you have the design ready, and the type of printing needed. But even with all these factors we guarantee to have the order delivered faster than most companies in the same space.

Variety of sizes

Our Personalised tote bags come in different sizes. These sizes are geared towards meeting the different needs of the consumer. When placing an order, specify the size of the tote bag since it affects the price.

The leading wholesale supplier in the UK

JuteBag is a reputable company. We have grown mainly because we offer quality canvas tote bags and print. We go out of our way to make our clients happy without charging them insane prices.

Fast turnaround

After placing the order, we will send you an expected delivery date, depending on the size and intricacies of the order. For custom orders based on our stock designs and upgrading, we always aim to complete the order within 10 business days. For orders that include new designs and making the bags from scratch, we can deliver the orders in about eight weeks, depending on the size of the order. Get in touch with our sales team for an accurate delivery time for your order.


Our personalised tote bags are made from durable and reusable materials like cotton denim and canvas. The reusable and washable materials give you the most service out of the bag and value for money.

The handles and stitching on the bags are also high-quality, ensuring consumers get the best performance from the bags and that they can hold significant weight.

Save Money

In the long run, investing in our personalised tote bags is not only trendy but also cost-saving, especially for regular shoppers. You will save money on buying plastic bags regularly by buying some personalised tote bags that you can reuse multiple times. The bags also have the potential to make you money in your company by using them as an affordable marketing and branding tool. Giving your customers and clients personalised bags with your branding is an excellent marketing strategy because they will likely take many trips with the bags. It’s one of the most affordable advertising avenues, and we can make it possible for you with our personalised tote bags.