• Polyester vs Cotton

    Polyester vs Cotton

    For the longest time, people have always been asking, which is better – a cotton or polyester shirt? Well, in this piece, we seek to answer this question and more. The below guide helps you to differentiate between the two and learn their pros and cons. By the end of the guide, you’ll know which is better for your needs.


    Now, cotton has been grown and processed for centuries. And its popularity doesn’t show any signs of subsiding any time soon. If anything, experts are coming up with better ways of processing and manufacturing high-quality cotton. Cotton is a natural fabric and is softer than polyester.

    But before you buy a

    Why not also read: cotton bag, you should note that there are different types of cotton as well. The difference comes in the kind of cotton plant used and the processing it goes through. Of all, ringspun is by far the softest cotton and is popular with decorators and screen printers.

    In addition to this, cotton is loved because it is breathable and comfortable. If you have sensitive skin, it is the perfect option since organic cotton is grown without using chemicals, pesticides and insecticides. And since it is a plant, it tends to fluctuate in price. But generally, it is more affordable than polyester.

    For most people, the pros of cotton heavily outweigh its cons.


    Polyester was made around the 1940s. And just like cotton, it has been increasing in popularity with every passing year. It is currently one of the most used products in the apparel industry. Polyester fabric is slightly more wrinkle-resistant in comparison to cotton, and it tends to fade less. It is also durable and strong. For this reason, polyester is a perfect choice for workers who need tough clothing to withstand constant wear and tear from the work environment and washing.

    And given that polyester is slight less absorbent in comparison to cotton, it is more stain resistant. There are a couple of moisture-wicking options available for athletic and performance wear. These options aren’t available in 100% cotton. But on the other hand, polyester tends to develop runs and pulls which can affect its durability.

    Which is best? Polyester or Cotton?

    From the above, it’s evident that the two materials have their pros and cons. And experts working with either material defend them with all they have. However, in the world we live in, it’s not a binary option. There’s a third option – a blend of cotton and polyester. These blends can be in a 50:50 percentage or an 80:20 percentage in favour of either cotton or polyester depending on the use of the product.

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    Usually, shirts made from a cotton and polyester blend are less expensive than cotton. However, they still retain the softness that high-quality cotton clothing has. And because they are made of polyester too, they last even longer. You’ll essentially be getting the best of both worlds.

    Now, if you are considering a fabric that you’ll print on, screen printing to be precise, you should think about the type of ink you’ll use. Not all inks are equal. You should, therefore, determine compatibility with the fabric before you embark on mass production.


    The bottom line is that there’s no ‘perfect’ material. However, if you are looking for eco-friendly options, cotton is the best. But if you are looking for durability, a mixture of the two is even better.

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