Asda Jute Shopping Bags

Are you looking for a standard jute shopping bag like this classic ASDA jute bag or Hessian Shopping Bags,Custom Printed Jute Bags,Large Hessian Bags?

This style of bag is the most popular, standard jute bag size of 35cm (h) x 39cm (w) + 15cm (d), laminated jute with short cotton cord handles to match the jute colour. Bag for life : These are perfect carrier bags or also known popularly as king bag or disposable piping bags. You can find the cheapest pricing for this at

We assume that this asda shopping bags will improve your experience when compared to plastic bags. Similar to this in stock, check out our BALI bag, with a minimum order quantity from jute 100 bags!

Bespoke Projects

At JuteBag we have created a range of bespoke products for our customers, from small jute gift bags to custom packaging or retail bags.

Check out a few our favourites!