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Taffeta Fabric UK,Jute Shopping Bags Online,Hessian Bags UK : Taffeta fabric is perfect for bag and pouch lining, available in satin or polyester taffeta. Get in touch if you would like to add this material to your bag. The taffeta fabric that is used in wedding dresses is not the same as this one.

One of the finest quality of taffeta fabric is provided by us. we can get your jute bags, cotton bags, and canvas bags customised with this fabric along with other artworks. Get in touch at sales@jutebag.co.uk for pricing of bags with tafetta fabric!

**”What is Taffeta (/ˈtæfɪtə/; archaically spelled taffety) is a crisp, smooth, plain woven fabric made from silk or cuprammonium rayons. The word is Persian in origin and means “twisted woven”. It is considered to be a “high-end” fabric, suitable for use in ball gownswedding dresses, and in interior decoration for curtains or wallcoverings. It is also widely used in the manufacture of corsets and corsetry: it yields a more starched-like type of cloth that holds its shape better than many other fabrics. An extremely thin, crisp type of taffeta is called paper taffeta.[1][2]

There are two distinct types of silk taffeta: yarn-dyed and piece-dyed. Piece-dyed taffeta is often used in linings and is quite soft. Yarn-dyed taffeta is much stiffer and is often used in evening dresses. Shot silk taffeta was one of the most highly sought forms of Byzantine silk, and may have been the fabric known as purpura.[3]”

**Soucre: Wikipedia

Bespoke Projects

At JuteBag we have created a range of bespoke products for our customers, from small jute gift bags to custom packaging or retail bags.

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