Synthetic Fabric Swatches


NWPP Jute Bag Designs, Jute Bags, Jute Bag Company  : Non-Woven material, commonly referred to as ‘NWPP’ is a popular material for low cost reusable bags. Standard NWPP weight for bags is usually 80gsm. 100gsm & 120gsm are also commonly used. We hold stock of 4 styles of bag made from non-woven material, available […]

Taffeta Fabric UK

Taffeta Fabric UK Taffeta Fabric UK,Jute Shopping Bags Online,Hessian Bags UK : Taffeta fabric is perfect for bag and pouch lining, available in satin or polyester taffeta. Get in touch if you would like to add this material to your bag. The taffeta fabric that is used in wedding dresses is not the same […]

PU Leather

PU Leather | PU Material  You may be looking for a leather alternative? or maybe a unique fabric finish in general? PU material can be finished in various ways from textured, holographic to glitter! Even you can look for some customised burlap shopping bags wholesale or plain jute bags wholesale and you can get […]


Nylon Nylon fabric is available in various weights. Looking to make a bag or cosmetic pouch out of nylon? Get in touch today with our experienced sales team!


RPET RPET fabric is made from recycled materials. RPET stands for ‘Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate’ . RPET is a strong, durable and recyclable material, making it ideal for making fabric for reusable bags.


Polyester Polyester is one of the most popular pack material being flame retardant and more heat-resistant than nylon. Contact us today for a quote !