Jute Pouches

Jute Pouches

Our small jute pouches are perfect for small gifts bags and favours. Choose our large or medium jute pouches for unique packaging. We also provide premium jute drawstring sacks in 2 sizes.

Jute Pouches

Jute bag pouches are an eco-friendly and authentic way to deliver a gift, and they make excellent gifts for nature lovers who want something reusable and stands out. They come in different designs and drawstrings to secure the contents and preserve the element of surprise if you’re using them as a gift bag.

At Jute Bags, we’ve stayed true to our mission to provide nature-friendly, functional bags that use what nature offers while adding an element of fun and authenticity. With our jute pouches, we deliver on this mission. Make a lasting impression with our range of functional jute pouches that make great gift bags and a safe haven for your coins, small accessories and jewellery.

Bespoke Jute Pouches

We get most of our creativity from consumers looking for exceptional pieces for those special occasions. We also understand that pouches can be extremely personal, and customers might want to customise them to their liking or those they intend to give the bags. That’s why we offer bespoke options.

If you can’t find the perfect jute pouch in our collection, we have a bespoke service that will bring your idea to life. We have an extensive range of materials and accessories you can choose from to make your preferred jute pouch from scratch, and we will deliver the bag to order.

With our bespoke service, you can choose the size and shape of the pouch and details like the type of fastening and accessories like handles and buttons.

Canvas is a woven fabric made out of a combination of cotton with some synthetic fabrics also. It is heavy-duty and highly durable so makes the perfect fabric for a reusable bag. Canvas is used for the sails of boats, tents, and even marquees so you can be confident that it is built to last and can withstand the elements.

We also offer customised branding for corporates who want to use our pouches as gift bags at an invent. With a fully equipped factory, we can accurately deliver large custom orders within a short time.

Getting your custom jute pouch from Jute Bags is relatively simple, and you can have your custom pouch completed with the help of our expert designers.

Fast Delivery

Our pouches are not limited to end users only. We also work with various retailers interested in building a brand by selling quality, natural fibre bags like our jute pouches. With our fast and effective systems, we ensure you have the orders delivered in the shortest time possible to allow you to make the most of trending events and holidays.

We can complete bulk bespoke jute pouch orders in as little as eight days and have them ready for delivery within 10 working days. Our fast and efficient processing ensures we can cater to large orders on short notice and deliver quality pouches.

Whether you purchase our stock designs and have them branded with your signage or have a custom pouch developed from scratch, you can rest assured that we will consistently deliver within the agreed time and beyond expectations.

Wide Range of Jute Pouches

Diversity is one of our greatest assets. We offer each of our bags and pouches in multiple variations in terms of size, colour and design, so our customers find what they are looking for more easily. We have numerous trendy pouch designs to suit every occasion and holiday and some hot sellers that are perfect for retail businesses. Regardless of what you want in a jute pouch or bag, we are your best chance of finding it.

Leading Jute Pouch Supplier in the UK

The demand for natural fibre bags has been on an upward trend. Consequently, we have upscaled our operations and production to keep up with the demand and continue to advocate the importance of turning to natural fibre bags and pouches as a way of conserving the environment. Through time and efforts, we’ve become one of the leading wholesalers of jute bags in the UK, with an exceptional range of products and a stunning production line.

We have partnered with retailers who have grown with us over the year and continue to make and distribute quality jute bags that keep up with the trends and demands. Our goal has always been to provide our partners with the best, fastest-moving products that grab attention and serve the right purpose.

We have continually achieved this goal by ensuring we have new bag designs that reflect the current trends. The bags are affordable, natural and reusable, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular.

Besides our jute pouches, we also stock a range of jute products and types of bags, including jute bottle bags, shopping bags, coloured jute bags, cotton bags, plain bags and antimicrobial bags. With our vast reach, no matter your niche, we can supply bags that resonate with your clientele.