Java Jute Bag

Fabric: Laminated Jute
Colour: Natural
Size: 34cm (h) x 42cm (w) + 19cm (d)
Handles: Long Jute


Screen Print UK OVERSEAS
Print Area 25cm (h) x 28cm (w) Edge to Edge
Minimum Order 100 500
Lead Times 10 Working Days From 8 Weeks

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Perfect for shopping. Large laminated jute bag with long jute handles.Jute bags online shopping, tote bags wholesale UK, burlap shopping bags. Print your logo within 10 days

Available in natural jute.

Visit our online webshop to purchase our plain bags. Minimum order: 25 bags

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Have you always want an eco-friendly bag that you can fit almost anything? This is what our range of large jute bags offers. They are perfect for the busy ones who don’t know where their day will end up. You can use these bags for going to the supermarket, delivering a gift to a friend or family, or even stuffing a change of clothes if you intend to go to the gym.

Wide Range of Large Jute bags

Pick from a wide selection of large jute bags to find one that fits your needs. Each bag is laminated with long jute handles, making it easy to carry.

With our range of designs that include the Bali jute bag, the Kioa jute bag and the Tovu jute bag, among others, finding a bag to serve your purpose couldn’t be easier.  You can also have the bag further customised with the help of our bespoke bag service.

Bespoke Large Jute Bag

At Jute Bag, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our environment-friendly bags. We have numerous designs in stock and we are always working on expanding our collection. For customers that would like to customise their bags by printing or come up with a unique bag design, we have a bespoke bag service that can help you achieve this.

Using our bespoke bag service, you can create your bag from scratch using our expansive collection of materials and accessories or pick from one of our designs and have it printed with your preferred branding or logo.

Leading Wholesale Supplier in the UK

Jute Bag has maintained a cordial relationship with all our partners who have helped spur our growth and become one of the leading wholesale suppliers for large jute bags in the UK. We believe in the strength of our diversity, boasting of over 80 different bag designs in different colours and finishes, all while safeguarding our environment.

Our bags are competitively priced and designed to provide value for money for our customers and partners.

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