Diascia Large Jute Sack

Fabric: Non-Laminated Jute
Colour: Natural
Size: 80cm (h) x 50cm (w)
Handles: Cotton Drawstring


Screen Print UK OVERSEAS
Print Area 35cm (h) x 28cm (w) Edge to Edge
Minimum Order 100 1,000
Lead Times 10 Working Days From 8 Weeks

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    Large jute hessian sack with natural cotton drawstring handles. Perfect for children’s Christmas presents or vegetable sacks.

    Available in natural jute colour, small or large sacks available.

    Visit our online webshop www.ecoduka.com to purchase our plain bags. Minimum order: 25 bags

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    They are made up of Jute, which is a natural fibre with a golden, silky sheen, earning it the nickname “Golden fibre.” It is completely biodegradable and recyclable, making it environmentally beneficial. Jute is also the most affordable vegetable fibre derived from the bast or skin of the plant’s stem. Jute is made from plants that thrive in hot and humid climates.

    • Environmentally friendly (Earth-friendly).
    • Biodegradable to the fullest extent possible.
    • Cost-Effective.
    • Durable (Can Easily Carry Heavy Load)
    • Long-term use.
    • Attractive (Eye-Catching).

    Diascia Sacks are biodegradable, which means that if they are left unused for a long time, they will decompose on their own, leaving the earth pollution-free. Jute may also be used in the garden as compost.

    Because it is a natural material that disintegrates within a certain time frame, no pollution is formed in the environment. For all of these factors, we can claim that Jute is the most environmentally friendly natural fibre available.

    Personalised Jute Sacks

    It’s the most affordable fibre, made from the bast or skin of the plant’s stem. Because jute is a natural vegetable fibre, it may be woven into any form or size.

    Jute fibre blends beautifully with various filaments and common colours while tolerating cellulose colours such as regular, essential, sulphur, and shade colours, resulting in aesthetically pleasing constructions.

    Hessian Jute Sacks are fashionable and fashionable. Jute bags imprinted with your company’s emblem are an excellent promotional tool. A durable Hessian Jute bag will be used again and again by its recipient, allowing you to spread brand recognition and get the most out of your ad revenue.

    Eco-Friendly Jute Bags

    Hessian material is 100% biodegradable, recyclable with little energy, very breathable, and easy to wear. They are comprised of natural fibres and may maintain their strength for a long time. This biodegradable substance is also fire-resistant and has a high moisture retention capability.

    Jute bags are thought to maintain its lustre and cover for a longer period of time.

    Jute Products’ Benefits

    Jute aids in the production of high-quality contemporary yarn, texture, net, and bags. It’s one of the most versatile strands used in crude materials for bundling, materials, non-materials, development, and rural sections. When yarn is bulked, it has a lower breaking tenacity and higher breaking extensibility when used in a ternary blend.

    It has high elasticity, minimal extensibility, and ensures that textures breathe easier. Jute has exceptional anti-static qualities, ensuring that no static charges are generated during the manufacturing or use of Diascia Sacks.

    Jute vs. Plastic Bags

    Plastic bags are designed to be used just once. Many of these items have been observed being discarded in the face of streams, sewers, parks, roadways, and beaches.

    Several organisations have stated that the use of fragile plastic bags should be prohibited immediately.

    Jute has the strength to endure transportation hazards over longer distances, and the material transported in Jute bags is breathable and does not degrade rapidly.

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