Mallow 5oz Foldable Bag

Fabric: 5oz (150gsm) Cotton with jute pocket
Colour: Natural
Size: 42cm (h) x 38cm (w)
Handles: Long Cotton


Screen Print UK  OVERSEAS
Screen Printed Area Front: 12cm (h) x 28cm (w) | Back: 28cm (h) x 28cm (w) Edge to Edge
Minimum Order 100 1,000
Lead Times 10 Working Days From 8 Weeks

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    5oz (150gsm) foldable cotton bag with long cotton handles. Our mallow bag has an outer jute pocket and can be folded in to a small bundle!

    Available in natural cotton with herringbone jute pocket.

    Visit our online webshop www.ecoduka.com to purchase our plain bags. Minimum order: 25 bags

    Looking for a similar 5oz bag? Check our 5oz Jasmine full gusset bag, or our small Yew cotton gift bag.

    Why Buy a Foldable Bag?

    They are Practical

    It goes without saying that the aim of a bag is to be useful, and the objective of shopping bags is to ensure the secure transportation of our purchases, whether it’s a basic supermarket shop or a little window browsing at our favourite retail outlet. Reusable shopping bags, on the other hand, provide a slew of advantages.

    • To begin with, reusable and eco-friendly shopping bags are far more durable and sturdier than the traditional plastic bag. They won’t rip if they get hooked on something, and the tougher material means they’re less likely to break when your shopping bag is stuffed to the brim.
    • Reusable bags frequently include ergonomic handles, which allow you to carry your bags comfortably no matter how heavy they are, thanks to the usage of materials like cotton.
    • Though they’re generally larger than disposable plastic bags because you only need one or two reusable bags that can simply be folded, they’ll take up less space in your customers’ homes than the 50 plastic bags they used to keep in a drawer or closet.
    • A well-designed reusable and eco-friendly may also become a fashion item for your clients, guaranteeing that your brand is noticed wherever they go if you have a cool and unique logo and colour scheme.

    Economical for Everyone

    Plastic bags were more expensive for both retailers and consumers as a result of the plastic bag tax, making the purchase of reusable bags more enticing.

    • With a 10p fee, the average individual will use 13,000 plastic bags in their lifetime, equating to a £650 cost on plastic bags.
    • In comparison, the average Mallows reusable bag costs between 50p and £1 but lasts about 500 times longer than disposable bags, allowing you to pass on a £624 savings to your customers. Because even if they spent £1 per 500 uses on a new reusable bag, it would only cost them £26 throughout their lifetime.
    • What is the significance of this? customers are constantly seeking methods to save money, so being able to demonstrate these large cost savings would make them very happy.

    Environmentally Friendly Packaging

    The environmental effect is the most significant benefit of switching to giving reusable and eco-friendly bags over standard plastic bags. And, in this day and age of social media, where a single negative occurrence can swiftly spread like wildfire across the internet and severely harm your company’s reputation, whatever you can do to preserve and benefit the environment is a wise decision.

    • Every year, millions of creatures die as a result of plastic waste, ranging from birds to sea critters.
    • Plastic bags can take anywhere from 15 years to a thousand years to decompose, leaving a long-term environmental impact.
    • Eco-friendly bags, on the other hand, are made from a variety of easily biodegradable materials including canvas and jute.

    Reusable bags have the added benefit of being able to survive for several years without losing their quality. Mallow Foldable bags, unlike other plastic bags, do not lose their colour or form over time.

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