NWPP Cooler Bag

Fabric: 100GSM NWPP
Colour: Black, White
Size: 30cm (h) x 37cm (w) + 25 (d)
Handles: Medium NWPP


Screen Print UK OVERSEAS
Print Area Edge to Edge
Minimum Order 5,000
Lead Times From 8 Weeks

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    100GSM NWPP Cooler bag.

    Available in Black and White.

    Visit our online webshop to purchase our plain bags. Minimum order: 25 bags

    Cooler bags are becoming increasingly trendy these days. These have solved the issue of transporting food. It maintains the proper temperature of your meal, whether it is hot or cold. But this isn’t the only reason why these bags are popular with so many people.

    Benefits of cooler bags

    They are environmentally friendly.

    People are becoming more conscious of the dangers that our environment poses. They stay away from everything that is damaging to the environment. This is why most of us prefer to use only environmentally friendly products, such as insulated cooler bags. Unlike plastic bags, these bags do not harm the environment. They’re also reusable and last a lot longer than plastic ones.


    If you believe that insulated cooler bags will be considerably more expensive than ordinary bags, you are mistaken. Instead, these bags are quite inexpensive and have a little impact on your wallet.

    Improved Insulation

    The most difficult aspect of transporting your goods in a large plastic cooler box is storage. These large cooler boxes take up a lot of room. And, if you don’t have any more room, you’ll have to hold them in your arms, which is the most difficult task. This problem may be solved by replacing them with insulated cooler bags.

    These bags take up very little room and are extremely convenient to move. If you don’t have enough room, you may also carry these bags on your back. Furthermore, they offer a fantastic function that we are confident you will appreciate when the bags are empty, you can fold them and store them in your car’s cockpit. You’ll never run out of storage bags when shopping this way.

    Lighter in weight

    The most important benefit of utilising insulated cooler bags is that they are extremely light. If you’re going to an amusement park or a zoo, you may carry it in your back pocket like a backpack. Many individuals have tried these, and they only have good things to say about this insulated cooler bag.

    Why not give credit where credit is due; these bags have a positive image in the minds of many people. A cooler bag is a terrific method to make hiking more enjoyable rather than making it more difficult by carrying heavy loads.

    Better than a Cooling Box

    If a cooling box isn’t beneficial for the purposes for which it was purchased, it’s a waste of money. When it comes to insulation, a cooler box’s ability to keep your items at their preferred temperature is limited. Even if you fill these boxes to the brim with ice, there’s no assurance that the stuff inside will stay chilled.

    When comparing insulated cooler bags to a large cooler box, the insulated cooler bags give better insulation. Because these bags are not composed of plastic, there is no risk of them failing to perform their function.

    Now that you understand the benefits of these bags, you can place your order.

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