Non Woven Bags

rPET Recycled Bags

Looking for a sustainable bag? Check out our new stock collection of rPET bags, made from recycled plastic bottles. Brand any of our stock rPET bags in 10 working days.

rPET bags are the most ecological alternatives to HDPE bags. The bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and are similar in strength and durability to the HDPE bags. The best thing about rPET recycled bags is that they are 100% recyclable after use, hence encouraging sustainability.

rPET Bags

Recycled bags have a positive impact on the environment

Plastic bottles contribute substantially to pollution with thousands of them finding their way into landfills and the ocean.

We collect some of these plastic bottles and use them to make recycled bags giving second life to plastic and helping to reduce on the amount of waste and pollution.

Stock and Customised Recycled Bags

Our range of recycled bags come in a wide range of colours, designs and sizes. Each of them is put together to appeal to different users and applications.

We can produce the bags in small or large scale as required by our clients. Our experts can also walk you through our range of bags in case you’re unsure of which one best suits your applications.

Customised printing on our stock bags is available. We can print the client’s logo or other types of branding on the stock bags in as little as 10 days.

Bespoke Recycled Bags

Our stock rpET bags are popular. But we believe in providing our clients with customised, sustainable storage solutions which is why we also offer bespoke recycled bags complete with branding.

The bespoke recycled bags come in various colours, shapes, and designs depending on applications and the preferences of the client. Using our bespoke bag service, clients can design the perfect rPET bag for their use and have the appropriate printing on it.

Our range of recycled bags is perfect for packaging corporate giveaways, running every day errands and gift packaging.

Fast Delivery

We aim to have the shortest turn-around times for all custom and printing orders. Our delivery time for custom-made recycled bags made from scratch is about eight weeks depending on the size of the order including branding for our corporate clientelle.

For clients that would like to have our stock recycled bags printed with their logos or special messages, we deliver in about 10 days.

Leading Wholesale Supplier in the UK

We are one of the leading suppliers of recycled bags in the UK. We have set up a mass production centre that employs hundreds of people to keep up with the demand for our products.

Over the years, we have built a successful relationship with retailers and distributors who are interested sell our products. Through these partnerships, our products reach thousands of people in the UK.

We have the ability to deliver on a wide range of options not just the recycled bags and over 80 different bag designs. We are strongly committed to helping yours and ours business succeed by providing quality and unique storage options in a timely manner every time.

For customers with bespoke request, we have a team of skilled and experienced experts who take up the role of design and creation of the bags to completion ensuring all the client requirements are captured and added to the bags.