• What Can I Do About Climate Change?

    What Can I Do About Climate Change?

    The planet is reeling under the pressure of pollution. Increasing temperatures are causing the melting of glaciers, which are causing water levels to rise. As world leaders meet to find ways of changing the climate and the fate of the planet, there are little things each and everyone, including yourself, can do to restore balance on the planet. Here are a few of them.

    Insulate Your Home

    Heating and cooling account for almost half of your home’s energy bill. You can start playing your role in reversing climate change by making your home more energy-efficient by sealing drafts. By adequately insulating your home, you can reduce the need for heating while ensuring you remain comfortable.

    Consider Renewable energy

    A lot of governments are pushing homeowners to consider using renewable energy as a way of reducing global warming. You don’t have to set up the systems yourself. Instead, you can choose a utility company that generates most of its power from renewable sources, like wind and solar.

    If you’re financially capable, you can install a solar power system in your home that can support most of your energy needs. In some areas, you can sell the surplus back to the grid. The government has numerous grants like the Green Homes Grant to help you install energy-efficient improvements in your home.

    Always Buy Green, Natural and Renewable Products

    Manufacturing companies have also responded to the cries of our ailing planet. They have responded by providing buyers with green, natural and renewable products that don’t impact the environment and require minimal production resources.

    At Jute Bag, we have responded by manufacturing bags from jute, a natural and safe fibre. We also have cotton bags made from organic, Fair Trade cotton. You can buy our bags plain, or you can pick some of our customised options.

    Besides being environment friendly, our reusable bags are economical, durable and fun to use, making your mission to make the earth a better place more rewarding.

    Green your commute

    Transportation is one of the leading carbon emitters ranking it highly among polluters. It ranks just under the oil and gas industry. Many countries are making adjustments to their transportation infrastructure to include cycling and walking lanes and they are also encouraging the use of public transport to reduce congestion and pollution.

    But you can take it even further. Ride a bike when travelling short distances. This will help not only the environment but also your body.

    If you can’t ride a bike, consider car-sharing. You can also swap your large and inefficient vehicle with an electric car or a plug-in hybrid vehicle. Finally, only fly when you have to.

    Consume less and Waste Less

    Unknown to us, the resources the earth provides are limited. Yet we throw away too much and waste a lot of water. Start observing how much you consume and if you have a family, create a culture where food is not thrown away.

    When purchasing foods, opt for organic foods. These are grown using organic manure that doesn’t pollute the air and soil and the food is more nutritious.

    Eat more vegetables and fruits and less meat and conserve as much water as possible. Saving water will go a long way in reducing carbon pollution. That’s because water purification consumes a lot of energy.

    Make your showers shorter and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. These seemingly small measures can go a long way in saving the planet and reducing the impact of global warming.

    Final Thoughts

    There are seven billion people in the world. If all our efforts were all considered as a drop in the bucket of climate change, we would have enough drops to fill the bucket. Start making a change today. It’s never too late to start.

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