• What is Brushed Cotton?

    What is Brushed Cotton?

    As its name suggests, it is a cotton fabric that has been brushed to yield an incredibly soft texture similar to cashmere and other high-end fabric in the industry. Usually, will regular cotton is made; it is passed through a flame to get rid of the raised fibres and create a smooth surface. However, brushed cotton receives different treatment where instead of removing the raised fibres, manufacturers exaggerate them. This is done through special mechanized metal brushes that spin the fibres from the fabric’s surface.

    Though most people are learning about it now, this brushing technique has been in use for many centuries to create fine wool fabrics. These fabrics are super soft and do not cause skin irritations.

    Uses of Brushed Cotton

    The number one reason why most manufacturers in the fashion industry go through the trouble of creating brushed cotton is not only because of the aesthetics and soft texture. They also want to have a fabric with high insulation capabilities, and that is breathable. Clothing made from brushed cotton can be worn in all weather conditions.

    According to science, the raise fibres trap air, which helps in retaining body heat. It works the same way layers of clothing work but with the added benefit of being cool when the sun is out. Because of these properties, it is ideal for the seasons when the weather is unpredictable.

    For cotton bags, brushed cotton has the upper hand because printing on it is a walk in the park.

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    Flannel vs. brushed cotton

    Brushed cotton is processed on one side for a soft finish while flannel is processed on both sides for a soft and smooth texture. Flannel tends to be thicker, warmer, lighter, and fluffier than brushed cotton but with similar properties.

    Difference between cotton twill and brushed cotton

    Like most cotton fabrics, cotton twill is gotten from cellulose fibres. But what makes cotton twill different from brushed cotton and other types of cotton is ow manufacturers weave together the fabric. For twill fibres, the fabric is woven in parallel and diagonal ribs. This weaving is responsible for the signature diagonal look.

    Advantages and disadvantages of cotton twill

    The main benefit of cotton twill is its durability. It is resistant to tare in comparison to other fabrics. It’s also super resistant to wrinkling and creasing. Moreover, it does not show stains and dirt like most cotton fabric.

    But on the flip side, it is one of the heaviest types of cotton and slightly most expensive than most.

    What can you use cotton twill for?

    Given its durability and strength, it is used to make coats and pants. Usually, it is used to make chino and denim pants. Its strength also makes it a perfect choice for making work clothes, including overalls. Aside from clothing, cotton twill is also used to make home décor and bags items like furniture cover promotional drawstring bags respectively.

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    Which one should you choose? Cotton twill or brushed cotton?

    The type of cotton you choose is entirely up to you and is dependent on what you wish to use it for. If you want something soft, comfy and easy to print on, then pick brushed cotton. However, if you need a stronger fabric that will not show stains, and that is resistant to wrinkles, pick cotton twill.

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