• What is Burlap?

    What is Burlap?

    If you’ve recently decided to take proactive steps towards ensuring that the future of the planet is protected, and at the rate at which we are polluting the environment, it’s not a shock that we shall not have anything meaningful for our generations to inherit. Because of this, experts and tech enthusiasts have come up with new products and materials. For the longest time, cotton was the talk of the town – well, it still is, but there are alternatives now. Some other options include jute and burlap.

    Now, in this piece, we shall what burlap is and why it has grown in popularity in recent years.

    Simply put, it is a material with a coarse texture, and that is made from strong plant fibres. It’s mostly used in weaving. Because of their strength, they are durable and come in handy for all kinds of outdoor projects. Moreover, and the reason it is a favourite for many is the fact that it is heat resistant. And though it is naturally beige, you can opt to dye it to any colour you please.

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    With everything that burlap has going on for it, why is it not used to make clothing? Well, this is because it is itchy and harsh on the skin. Instead of clothing, it is used to make bag and sacs which are perfect for construction, covering objects and gardening. It is eco-friendly material and affordable.

    What is burlap made from?

    The woven fabric is made from jute fabric derived from a jute plant. However, it can also be made from flax and hemp fabrics. In these cases, burlap is natural since it’s made from natural fibres. When purchasing burlap items, you should be careful not to buy synthetic burlap fabric.

    As a plant, jute grows to between 8 and 12 feet when fully mature. It has a gold colour and a beautiful shine. Moreover, jute is biodegradable and durable. The jute stems are steeped and bundled or soaked. This step is usually the processing process.

    When the fibres are soft, and the jute tissues are stripped, washed, stripped, and dried in direct sunlight. The strips are transported to a mill where jute is converted into burlap through fibre blending and creating a yarn. This yarn is then treated, thinned, and pressed, after which it is woven and twisted. Later, the yarn is turned into burlap material.

    Even though the most common use of burlap is in making burlap sacks for carrying a lot of different things, including; cement and coffee beans, burlap is used in other industries like art, craft, home décor, and wrapping paper.

    Burlap types

    Depending on the type of project you are into, there are many different types of burlaps. Narrow burlap is ideal for perfect and narrow projects, including gift wrapping, bows, door wreaths and a couple of different accessories. The burlap types include:

    • Jute Burlap
    • Equinox faux burlap
    • Polyester faux burlap

    If you have any questions regarding jute bags, products, or samples, reach out to us, and we shall get you in touch with a burlap expert. He will answer your questions and help you understand the best type of burlap.

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