• Questions to ask

    Questions to ask

    Looking for wholesale jute bags, plain jute bags wholesale, jute personalised bags, small jute gift bags? 

    Sometimes when you are looking to purchase wholesale jute bags you may be confused as to the specific questions you may want to ask. Here are five key questions one needs to ask their supplier and the reasons why.

    What kind of stock do you hold of wholesale jute bags online?

    This is an important question to ask your supplier. By knowing the amount of stock a supplier holds one can tell the size of the company. Especially if you are a big retailer this will decide whether your order will be fulfilled in a timely manner. A supplier with small amounts of stock will generally tend to take longer fulfilling orders. This is because they will need to get your bag manufactured first, before being able to customise it to your print requirements.

    Jute Bag Designs | What type of designs have you done in the past?

    The more designs a wholesale jute bag supplier has done in the past the more flexible they will be with the way they work. Most of the bags that the supplier will show you will be ones that they have done in the past for their clients. The more they are and the varied they are means they have been very flexible with their existing customers. It means they are likely to be flexible with you too! Varied designs also show that the supplier has got good relationships with their manufacturer. Their jute bags manufacturer has been flexible with the production processes. Your supplier will be able to give you a good sample set to work from too.

    What type of print processes can you do on your jute bags?

    There are many print processes one can do on jute bags. They range from screen print, digital print, transfer print, foil print, glitter, embroidery to name a few. The more a supplier can offer means the more they have gone out of their way to satisfy their customers. It also means you are able to get the print process of your choice and you won’t have to look for a separate print supplier. It makes it easier for you, as the whole process will be undertaken and managed by one supplier.

    What customers have you served in the past?

    Getting the answer of this question from your supplier will not always be straightforward. Not all suppliers will be able to reveal the names of their customers. This may be because they may have signed certain data protection policies. They may also not want to advertise their customers to the wider public lest their competitors get hold of their names. However there will always be a portfolio of work that your supplier will be able to show you. This will tell you the type of customers they have served in the past. You will know whether they have got any experience in your industry.

    Are you able to supply a jute bag design of my choice?

    If your supplier is able to give you a bespoke bag service means that they are able to go the extra mile for you. It also means they have invested enough time and money, ensuring that they give the customer a product that they require. With this comes having a product design team. The team will be able to help you design the jute bag of your choice. One that will impress your customers!

    Overall, if you are looking for wholesale jute bags and all the above questions are satisfactorily ticked, then rest assured you will be confident that you have a backing of a confident trade supplier of jute bags.

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