• 20 Reasons Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

    20 Reasons Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

    Humans are facing a crisis with plastic bags. They are one of the greatest risks to the environment despite their practicality and versatility. Governments like China have banned plastics, and others have made it illegal to use certain types of bags. Despite the many applications, there’s no shortage of reasons why plastic bags should be banned.

    1. Plastic bags pollute land and water

    Plastic bags are lightweight. They travel far and wide by wind and water. They are not easy to decompose, which means they are left lying all around and floating on oceans and lakes.

    1. They are made from non-renewable sources

    The raw materials used to make plastic are extracted from natural gas and petroleum. These are non-renewable sources, and their extraction and production emit greenhouse gases that contribute to global change.

    1. They require a lot of energy to produce

    The energy required to produce nine plastic bags is enough to drive a car for one kilometre. Considering they have a short useful life, it’s unfortunate that so much energy is used in making them.

    1. Plastic bags are toxic

    Plastic bags contain a variety of toxic and harmful chemicals that not only affect the environment but can also affect how our bodies function.

    1. They don’t degrade

    Plastic bags don’t decompose. The best they do is get broken down into small pieces that are often airborne and land in oceans.

    1. Plastic bags are dangerous to wild and marine life

    Once they land in oceans and forests, plastic bags are eaten by animals, causing various health issues, which often result in death.

    1. Plastic bags are harmful to human health

    Plastic bags contain chemicals that can lead to severe health conditions like cancer when ingested.

    1. Plastic bags are not easy to recycle

    The recycling rate for plastic bags is about 5%, which is extremely low. What’s more, plastic bags can’t be reduced to their organic state. Once created, they remain in their synthetic state throughout.

    1. Plastic bags are produced in massive quantities

    Plastic bag production is too high because they are in high demand, most of which end up in landfills, oceans, and waterways.

    1. Consumers are reluctant about recycling plastic bags

    Most consumers will toss their plastic bags in the trash or leave them to be blown by the wind. Banning them makes them easier to manage.

    1. Plastic bags are disposable

    We can all do without plastic bags. There are other options.

    1. Plastic bags clog storm drains

    Plastic bags find their way to the drainage and sewer system and eventually block them.

    1. Plastic bags are a major contributor to landfills

    A plastic bag ban would be a big relief on the pressure landfills are experiencing at the moment.

    1. Bans can reduce plastic bag waste

    A ban would not only reduce plastic bag waste but plastic waste in general.

    1. A ban can help keep the environment clean

    Most of the trash on the streets comprises of plastic bags. Banning them would keep the streets and the environment cleaner.

    1. It can save money

    Producing plastic bags is very expensive. There are other more affordable options on the market. Banning plastic could help to save money.

    1. It is a proven approach in some countries

    Some countries have banned plastic bags with plenty of success, opening up the option to other countries.

    1. A ban will raise awareness

    A plastic bans would shine the light on the effects of plastic bags creating awareness on their negative impact on the environment.

    1. The ban would be easy to apply

    Because there are other alternatives to plastic bags like cotton and jute bags, making a transition would be easy.

    1. It would be a big relief to the governments

    Many governments are currently trying to solve environmental challenges. Banning plastic bags would mean they have one less pollutant to deal with.

    There you have it. 20 reasons why plastic bags should be banned for the better of the environment and the economy.

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