• 5 Reasons Why Wearing a Face Mask is Important

    5 Reasons Why Wearing a Face Mask is Important

    Wearing a face mask is one of the most touted methods of curbing the spread of COVID-19 by health experts. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the least followed. Governments are having to enforce strict regulations to get everyone to wear a mask when going outside. But, is wearing face masks of any importance? Could it really limit the spread of the virus?

    Here are five reasons why you should consider wearing a face mask every time you’re outdoors.

    1. Masks protect you and your family and friends

    It is also possible to get Covid-19 by touching a contaminated surface or object, then touching your mouth or nose. But it has been determined that the primary method is by inhaling the respiratory droplets of an infected person.

    To inhale the droplets, you have to be close enough to the person, and actions as simple as breathing could launch the droplets in the air. A face mask helps to contain the droplets to protect others in case you are infected.

    For those that are healthy, the mask keeps you from breathing them in. Recent studies from 16 different countries show that face masks effectively reduce the risks of infection from 17% to 3%.

    1. Face masks slow the spread

    Right now, the top priority in everyone’s mind is how to slow the spread and flatten the curve. Leading experts in the world anticipate that there could be as many as 100,000 new cases a day. Face masks could be the key to slowing the spread. This is why many countries are making it mandatory to wear face coverings for all people when going out or in a public place.

    1. Masks can prevent you from touching your face

    Touching your face is second nature. Most of the time, you don’t realize you’re doing it. It’s also second nature for your hands to wander around and touch surfaces, some of which could be contaminated. Some of the health directives of curbing the spread include not touching surfaces or touching your face. But it’s easier said than done.

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    By wearing a mask, you reduce direct contact with your nose and mouth, which are the main sources of contracting the COVID-19 virus. However, the masks are only effective in this aspect when used properly.

    1. Masks are a reminder for social distancing

    How we interact with other people has been ingrained in us for many years. It’s hard to stop on a whim, and sometimes, we are going to forget to maintain social distancing. Wearing a face mask offers an effective reminder for us to distance ourselves when in public places physically.

    1. Wearing a mask can help support local businesses

    The demand for face masks is high, and most businesses have pivoted to increase supply. Buying a face mask could help ensure the businesses thrive and make it out of the global pandemic. With businesses reeling from the effects of lockdowns, selling face masks could be the only thing that puts food on the table for thousands of families.

    A lot of study and research has gone into the proposition of wearing face masks. There are reasons why health experts are emphasizing on the need to wear face masks, and these five should give you enough reason to want to wear your face mask everywhere you go.

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