Jute Bottle Bags

Wine Bottle Carrier

The wine culture in the UK is ever growing. In 2017, one study showed that the UK spend over £5.5 billion on wine. The figure since then must have grown substantially.

Wine has also become a full proof gift for most events. Whether you’ve been invited for dinner or welcoming a new neighbour to the apartment, giving wine always seems to be the appropriate gesture. Unfortunately, you can’t wrap the wine in a gift box. But if you’re looking for a way to package your wine and make your gift more sentimental, jute bags has excellent wine bottle carriers that you’re going to love.

Our range of wine bottle carriers is not only ideal when giving gifts. You can also use the bags when going to the store or winery to purchase a new bottle of wine for yourself.

All jute stock bags can be printed with your branding or you can within 10 working days! Get in touch with our sales team for a printed jute bag quote.

Bespoke Wine Bottle Carriers

Wine lovers have sophisticated taste. While we have an expansive collection of wine bottle carrier designs, we understand that some of our clients might prefer something unique and outstanding.

Using our bespoke bag service, we give you the chance to design the ultimate jute bag wine bottle carrier. We have numerous materials and accessories that you can try out to ensure your final bag is just as you imagined it.

In addition to designing the bag, we can also brand the bag for you using your preferred colour scheme, or print the bag with your logo or message for that full-custom feel.

Fast Delivery

Time is of the essence. We always try to have our bags delivered in the shortest time possible. If you decide to purchase one of our stock bag, we can have the shipping processes started immediately. Within ten days, we can have all custom-branded bags using our stock designs printed and ready for delivery.

Bespoke wine bottle carriers will take up to eight weeks to deliver. This depends on the materials you choose and the design. Regardless of the uniqueness of your design, you can rest assured that we will deliver the best quality, environment-friendly bags.

Leading Wholesale Supplier in the UK

Over the years, our unique looking bags made from natural fibres have attracted the attention of corporates and resellers. We’ve worked to build our production capacity to keep up with the rising demand for our wine bottle carriers and other jute bags.

We are one of the leading wholesalers for all jute bags in the UK. We have an extensive network of resellers and retailers and are the preferred supplier for gift bags in the largest corporate events. Whether you’re starting your own online shop or you’re an established reseller looking for a reliable manufacturer, you should talk to our sales team.

We have an excellent track and production record that can support your business and we offer affordable and competitive rates for our products. With over 80 designs and more that are regularly added, you’re assured of having unique looking bags that your customers will love and unrivalled quality.